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March 2010

Don't feel bad if your new years intentions have already fallen by the wayside. Now is the time to re-asses what went wrong: were your goals unrealistic as far as your time commitment or were you hoping to achieve too much too quickly? Also bear in mind that snow and ice can hamper the most determined exerciser. If that is the case, try to come up with a second best backup plan for when you can't get out. Try that workout video that has been sitting on the shelf all winter. You may even find that you enjoy it more than you anticipate, because of the fact that it is a 'one-off'. Even if the only change you are able to maintain regularly to start with is a daily healthy breakfast choice, remember that small changes can motivate larger ones, and know, we are all works-in-progress!

Jan 2010

This is the time of year that gets everyone thinking about getting in shape or trying to stick to a new workout regimen. I would suggest that you start with small attainable goals, and reward yourself each time you achieve one of your goals. It could be as simple as adding a 15 minute power walk to your lunch hour, or getting to a spin/Pilates class once a week. Make the rewards healthy 'treats'. For example, after 2 full weeks of lunchtime walks, you give yourself a pedicure...etc. If you reward your positive actions you will be more likely to continue with them. Start noticing how you feel when you do the activity; how does your general attitude change? Exercise makes us feel good by releasing endorphins.

December 2009

It is that festive time of year again when there seems to be a party around every corner and the temptation to over-indulge not too far behind. To help you stay on the right side of the scale this year, I have put together a few helpful hints to keep you from straying too far!

1) DON'T GET THERE HUNGRY! If the party you are going to will be serving hors d'oeuvres or a buffet, make sure you eat a light meal before you get there. Hors d'oeuvres are often laden with fat and usually (when you're hungry) you will eat too many trying to fill yourself up. Too many calories = extra lbs!!! If you really need to eat, try to pick healthier items like veggies (easy on any dip) or plain shrimp.

2) START WITH A JUICE If you start off with something like a tomato juice, it can fill you up a little (to help with the temptation of passed trays) and will also give your body much needed anti-oxidants - great when you aren't getting enough sleep and possibly not eating the right foods.

3) LIGHTEN UP YOUR BEVERAGE When you order a drink, if you make it a spritzer, you will counter any possible de-hydration issues, and make your drink last longer (you will also lower the calories). Always, have at least one 8 oz glass of water after each alcoholic beverage. (It will stop you getting de-hydrated and fill you up so you won't want to drink too much).

4) WATCH THE TOP UP Be aware, that when waiters walk around with bottles to "top you up", you will inevitably end up drinking more, as you will not know exactly how much you have had to drink. Again, 8 oz of water after each drink!

5) NEXT DAY If you do find that you have over-indulged, start the day with some fresh juice and plenty of water. Try to eat something fairly simple. Bananas contain potassium and electrolytes which are important once dehydration has set in (that is the sluggish headachey feeling you get). Simple scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast are another good option. Also, try and do some exercise of some kind, even if it is just taking a walk. Fresh air can help blow the cobwebs away, or schedule a workout with me!!!!!

Enjoy the holidays and be good to yourselves. Stay active and have a happy and healthy 2010!