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I have come to depend on Melissa to start my day in the best possible way both mentally and physically as her exercise program is tailored to the preferences as well as the needs of her clients. She is both knowledgeable and caring, which has made her a joy to work with for the past six and a half years.
Joan H Tisch
NY Giants

For the past two years, I have been lucky enough to train with Melissa during my frequent travels to NY from TN. I am always impressed with her ability to maintain continuity in my training- despite time and distance. I look forward to our sessions, as her creativity with training and her positive attitude make even the most difficult exercises seem fun. Melissa is both intellectually and emotionally aware that everyone's body is different...and that each client has distinct needs. I know that the workout Melissa does with me is absolutely tailored to my wants and needs- and consequently, I see very clear results- and always feel like I've accomplished something in our sessions. In the world of trainers, Melissa is on the highest level.
Joanna Lipman

Melissa is an out-standing professional, who sets the performance bar high and the individual results of her clients even higher. A delight to work with.
J. Howard Johnson

I have been training with Melissa for the past three years at 6:00 am. She is the only trainer who could get me to wake up that early to workout. Her training and motivation have helped me achieve my fitness goals. Her dedication and professionalism have made the sessions not only effective, but also enjoyable.
Stuart Schwartz
Managing Director
The Regency, A Loews Hotel

I have worked with personal trainers on and off for 20 years and have never encountered anyone as good as Melissa. Her workouts are always well planned and never boring. She always makes me sweat and keeps me challenged. She is aware of my injuries and all of my bad habits and always reminds me to do exercises correctly. I know that if I could work out consistently (I live in another state) with Melissa, I would be in great shape. Anyone who has the chance to train with her is lucky! I am always excited to train with Melissa.
Susan Schaffer

"As a result of Melissa's deadly combination of a thorough knowledge of what she is doing and a magnetic personality, I have worked hard and consistently. Melissa utilizes a tailored /varied program of strength and cardio training. The result is that I have become much stronger, better balanced and feel better."
Arthur Rebell